[ucaddon_heading_h_3 text=”2018 Harvest” text_color=”#333333″]
Ordinary Qualification Request
Application Qualification Ending Parties
Closing of Vintage 2018 throughout the Denomination
Affidavit of Elaboration by installation
Vinification Affidavit Summary by owner
Vinification Affidavit by Facility.
Vinification Affidavit: Purchase and sale of musts
Annex I. Vinification Affidavit List of incoming grape batches
Vintage closures on 25.10.2018
Qualitative stocks
Harvest Season Standards
Circular transfers musts and wines harvest
Ripening Status Report No. 1
Ripening Status Report No. 2
Ripening Status Report No. 3
Ripening Status Report No. 4
Ripening Status Report No. 5
Ripening Status Report No. 6
Ripening Status Report No. 7
2018 Report: Grape ripeness monitoring
[ucaddon_heading_h_3 text=”New Grape Grower’s Card 2018″ text_color=”#333333″]
New Caja Rural smart card
[ucaddon_heading_h_3 text=”Vintage forms” text_color=”#333333″]
Whole grape vinification
Harvest start
Drip irrigation notice
Spray irrigation application
Application form for Weighing Supervisors
Multiple holding vintage management form
2018 SCI Waiver
Stock layout
[ucaddon_heading_h_3 text=”2017 Harvest” text_color=”#333333″]
2017 Classification Dossier
Report: 2017 vintage growth cycle