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2019 Roadshow of Rioja Wines was concluded with great success

The 2019 Roadshow of Rioja Wines has come to a successful conclusion. From November to December, the tour were held in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and Zhengzhou. In each city, there were about 50 wineries presenting more than 300 Rioja wines. A wide range of Rioja wines, from the classic traditional style to the innovative new style were showcased, showing the high quality and diversity of Rioja wines.



Over 1500 professional visitors joined in the roadshow in the 2nd half of 2019, including importers, distributors and F&B professionals and others within the wine industry. Through the interaction between the participating wineries and visitors, the popularity and influence of DOCa Rioja have been significantly improved, and the opportunities for the promotion and sales of Rioja wines in China have also been deeply explored.

At the same time of the tasting, seminars were conducted as well. Rioja certified educators Vincent XU and Dorian TANG presented a selected collection of the winning wines of 2019 Recommended Rioja 8 x 8, giving in-depth interpretation of the diverse Rioja wines. In total 250 professional students attended the seminars in 4 cities.


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