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2022 Rioja Online Expo Starts A New Journey

In 2021, D.O.Ca Rioja took the lead in bringing nearly 50 wineries to the Lookvin online expo, becoming the largest and most numerous wine region to participate in the Lookvin online expo. During the course of the year, D.O.Ca Rioja is in the limelight.


This year, Rioja will continue to join hands with the online expo of Lookvin to jointly carry out the online promotion activities in China. Lookvin online expo platform strives to create a more comprehensive platform, super standard, the most effective Rioja line selection channel. Starting from July, Rioja online expo will have 5 live streaming, 4 Rioja week events, and a special display page to showcase Rioja throughout the year.


Through the online expo, Rioja will make a better promotion to the region and wineries, helping Rioja wine to get more purchases, and build an efficient communication bridge for distributors, wineries, and importers.


Lookvin online expo Rioja