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C.V.N.E. held CVNE Media Launch at EL NACIONAL

Last Friday (1st of June 2018), the Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana, C.V.N.E. held CVNE Media Launch at EL NACIONAL(Las Tapas Group).



Celebrated at the venue EL NACIONAL, in the new area of Tai Ku Hui, Victor Urrutia was there, inaugurated the partnership of C.V.N.E. with Las Tapas Group as its official ambassador of C.V.N.E. wines in Shanghai. After Media Launch, there was a celebration with traditional Spanish music and typical Spanish tapas along with more than 30 wines from C.V.N.E.



CVNE owns 500 hectares across different wine regions. With more than 130 years of history, CVNE is currently one of the biggest Spanish wine companies. CVNE is also is the only winery in Rioja having achieved ratings and medals from the basic range until the top.

Even though CVNE has been constantly investing in the upgrading of the vineyards and the wineries in order to guarantee the best quality of Rioja, it still keeps its family character, respecting the unmistakable style of its brands and region.

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