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Rioja wineries lead the podium of the renowned Peñín Guide 2022

This week, the scores of Peñín Guide 2022 for Spanish wines are released in advance, and to be followed by the printed report at the end of upcoming October. The committee of the Peñín Guide has tasted a wide selection of wines by categories, terroirs and elaboration styles. For that matter, they have tasted 1,100 wine samples of Rioja from 231 producers.



After the tasting and analysis, Rioja has taken the position as the Spanish DO with the largest number of wine references in the Guide – 400 more references than the DO in the second place – with the most wineries of honor: a total of 25 Rioja wineries are honored 95+ points.


630 Rioja wines have managed to overcome the barrier of 90+ points,42 of them, above 95+ and 10 get 97+ points, being the most represented DO within this scoring range. A Rioja Gran Reserva red reaches the coveted and highest position on the list, with 99 points. It is noteworthy how the region obtains, for its good value for money,126 wines with 5 stars,274 with 4 stars and 103 with 3 stars and an average score of the reds above 90 points.



DOCa Rioja, as the benchmark region of Spain, has been able to surprise again with new and disruptive styles. In the words of the Director of the Guide, Carlos González, those Rioja wines for tasting enrich the region’s offer, reinforcing the vision of quality and diversity of Rioja.


“Rioja, as a diverse region, offers different styles and levels of wines, from the universally-liked and accessible level to the highest quality wines.”



“This year, we could see that Rioja presented wines with more styles, with grape varietals such as Graciano and Maturana Tinta, which have allowed us to interpret new concepts,” says González.


From Peñín Guide, once again corroborates that Rioja white wines, especially those whites for aging, are showing their great aging potential. A more sophisticated consumer who understands about these aged white wines, will find a wide variety of high quality aged white wines in Rioja.



“Rioja has proven its quality to well elaborate these wines made with Viura, Garnacha Blanca, Maturana Blanca and Tempranillo Blanco”, the tasting committee points out. 93 Rioja white wines appear on the list, all with more than 90 points, among which,2 reach with 95+ points.


The committee also points out, after tasting some of the first wines from Viñedos Singulares which is a geographical indication approved by Rioja in 2017, it has confirmed that the wines meet the qualitative level as expected.



“It is surprising that almost all of these Viñedos Singulares have shown a modern wine profile: very expressive, powerful and fruity.” Meanwhile, González highlights the importance of the classic style, intimately linked to Rioja, classic style Rioja wines that have been able to position the Denomination of Origin clearly throughout the world.


“Excellent examples of the subtlety and elegance, Viñedos Singulares has perfectly defined category.”