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Recruitment | 2020 Rioja Wine Restaurant Week welcomes restaurants and wine merchants to sign up

Rioja is a well-known and prestigious wine region in Spain and one of the best wine regions worldwide. Since the introduction of Rioja wines into the Chinese market, they have been popular for their diverse style, historical heritage and excellent quality. Especially in recent years, Rioja wines have gradually heated up, not only in retail channels, but also in many high-quality restaurants.


In order to further increase the awareness and consumption of Rioja wines in restaurant channel, DOCa Rioja China Agency will organize a Rioja Wine Restaurant Week from February 8th to 14th, 2020. The promotion and training event will be held in Shanghai. The mainstream wine media “Sommelier Press” and gourmet media “Olive Press” will provide overall support.


Event Details

  1. The event will take place from February 8th to 14th, 2020, from the Lantern Festival on Lunar Calendar to the Valentine’s Day on the Western calendar; the location will be 30 fine dining restaurants in Shanghai; the promotional activities will be focused on customer education and sales promotions of Rioja wines. Through flexible forms such as discounts or packages, consumers will be encouraged to order Rioja wines to pair with the restaurant’s signature dishes, and feel the charm of Ojaha wines.
  2. DOCa Rioja China Agency and Sommelier Press will provide free professional training to participating restaurants, teaching the basic knowledge of Rioja wines and wine serving skills for sommelier and assist restaurants to boost Rioja wine sales.
  3. This event will be promoted through more than 15 media channels, including professional wine media, together with food and wine KOLs.
  4. After the Rioja Restaurant Week, DOCa Rioja China Agency and Olive Press will issue award certificates and medals to the restaurants that have distinguished performance in this event.



How to participate?


All restaurants in Shanghai that are selling Rioja wines and are willing to promote Rioja wines in-store are welcome to register for Rioja Restaurant Week.
All restaurants located in Shanghai that are not selling, but very willing to start selling Rioja wines, and to promote Rioja wines in the store, can also sign up and get a certain number of sample wines for sale.


Wine merchants

All wine merchants in Shanghai that sell Rioja wines and are willing to help restaurants to promote Rioja wines can register for the event. They may also recommend the restaurant where their Rioja wines are sold.


* The above activities is free of charge to restaurants and wine merchants.
* After the restaurant registration, it will be confirmed whether it is suitable to participate in this event after a site check.
* Please refer to the follow-up media releases for the confirmed restaurant list and the event details for Rioja Wine Restaurant Week.

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