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Rioja Online Courses

From Mar 5 to Mar 19,

Five Rioja certified educator

are having a series of Rioja online courses

with different interesting topics.



With last week’s fresh release

Rioja Wine Academy, the official online learning platform,


offering great opportunities to learn about Rioja!



1.The origin and historical process of Rioja
Thursday, March 5th 21:00-22:00


Sam Chen

Rioja certified educator

National champion of the 5th China Blind Wine Tasting Competition in 2017

Trace the origins of Rioja, read the historical changes, how exactly did Rioja get to where it is today? What’s so special about it?


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2.Tradition and innovation of Rioja
Sunday, March 8, 20:00-22:00


Ofilos Wu

Rioja certified educator

WSET Diploma global scholarship winner in 2018

Rioja’s history, perfect terroir, unique grape variety, diversity and strict regulation… Professor Ofilos will guide you to unlock these five key points of Rioja at one time!


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3.The new trends in Rioja
Monday, March 9, 20:00-21:00


Vincent XU

Rioja certified educator

WSET Diploma and official certified lecturer

In recent years, a series of changes have taken place in Rioja, such as updated aging requirements, new geographical indications, and renamed sub-area, all of which indicate the dedication of the Regulatory board of Rioja and all the wineries. Professor Vincent will take you through the changes in Rioja, analyze the new trends in Rioja, and explore the present and future of Rioja wine.


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4.Take you on a walk in Rioja
Thursday, March 12, 20:00-21:00


Adam Zhu

Rioja certified educator

Grapea Wine Institute Qingdao branch lead

Last year professor Adam just went to Rioja and completed the educator program. He has many wonderful stories can not help but share with you. He will share, through his own eyes, his deep understanding about Rioja wine region, its wines and wineries.


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5.Rioja’s emerging trends outlook
Thursday, March 19, 20:00-21:00


Bill Liu

Rioja certified educator

Grapea Wine Institute Shenzhen branch education director

Bill, who also went to Rioja for the educator program last year, had an in-depth discussion with many famous farmers and winemakers. He will talk about the latest information about Rioja, and also about what new changes has taken place in the region? what could be their future implementations? For those of you who are selling Rioja, it’s going to be great!


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Helpful hints

Please get the live link in advance,

And join the online course on time.