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Rioja Online Education Successfully Concluded

The Rioja Online Education, which started at the end of 2021, came to a successful conclusion on March 21st.


During this period, Rioja invited a total of 3 certified educators to conduct live streaming. The live streaming with professional explanations from the educators, interactive Rioja prizes were provided as well. All the audience can take and pass the online exams to get the official certification.


Rioja Online Education livestreaming


This program attracted more than 20,000 view counts, involving multiple social media platforms, and more than 1,500 people participated in the online exam. The audience showed great enthusiasm and interest in the Rioja and the Rioja Online Education.


Rioja Online Education Rioja Wine Academy


The Rioja certified educator Ofilos Wu, Sam Chen and David Xing gave a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the Rioja region through this live streaming. Except for wine lovers and industry insiders, this online education also successfully attracted a large number of people who are unfamiliar with Rioja. For the live audience, the primary online education makes it possible for them to not only systematically understand the Rioja, but also know the promotion content and the activities of Rioja. In this case, people will pay attention to Rioja constantly.


Rioja Online Education live course


Rioja will continue to expand its market awareness through various activities and promotions, please stay tuned for the Rioja future movement!