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“Rioja Wine Certified Educator 2021” Program Registration is Closed, We Will See Next Year!

Registration closed, for more information please click: www.riojawineacademy.com


  • “Rioja Wine Academy” just opened the “Rioja Wine Certified Educator 2021” program registration. Application Deadline is March 5, final candidates confirmed by end of April, April-August online courses, October (hopefully!) trip to Rioja 
  • In accordance with the great response obtained in previous editions, Consejo Regulador de la D.O.Ca. Rioja expects a large number of applications via www.riojawineacademy.com
  • Places are limited, therefore strict requirements are in place for applicants


Since the launch of “Rioja Wine Academy” (in short “RWA”) project by D.O.Ca. Rioja Regulatory Board less than a year ago, 13,000 students from more than 100 countries have already enrolled in the online education programs that the academy offers. RWA students can choose among three types of courses through the e-learning platform, according to their profile and personal goals: “Diploma in Rioja wines”, “Diploma for Commerce and Distribution” and “Diploma for Wine Tourism”.


In addition to the free-access online courses, “Rioja Wine Academy” provides one more program aiming at professionals in the field of training and communication of wine culture: “Rioja Wine Certified Educator” Program, which opens for registration once a year under strict selection criteria for candidates. 


The application deadline is open now, until March 5th, through www.riojawineacademy.com. Applicants must have at least 2 years work experience in the wine sector and already carry out some courses or wine promotional activities; high proficiency in English is necessary. After selection of best CVs there will be a phase of personal interviews. The final list of selected candidates will be published in April, then thay will do the studies until August.  Those who pass the tests will travel to Rioja for immersion in Rioja’s vineyards, terroir, wine making… in October. Finally, they sit a test to become certified Rioja educators.


This is a highly requested program from all around the world: in 2020, 23 candidates were selected among the 267 CV sent from all over the world!


Certified Educators accept the following annual commitments from the moment of the registration. 

  • Provide evidence of annual training of 100 people (consumers or trade professionals) 
  • Publication of online or offline articles on Rioja, social media activity promoting Rioja and its wines, blog posts… 
  • Creating additional materials or activities to offer during their trainings. 
  • Any other interesting activity that helps them transmit the Rioja message as our official ambassadors. 
  • Annual report on the activities carried out and results, including any graphic material as blog entries, published articles, web links, presentations, pictures, etc. Delivery deadline on December 31.


Detailed information on all the courses offered by “Rioja Wine Academy” is available on the website www.riojawineacademy.com. If you have any inquiries, please email to: academy@riojawine.com

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