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Rioja wine tourism is having a revival

According to DOCa Rioja 2021 wine tourism data and the La Rioja Daily News, tourism activity affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rebound.


Rioja wine tourism revival


After the COVID-19 pandemic had a very negative impact on the overall tourism industry in 2020, the tourism outlook for Rioja is becoming more positive, with figures for 2021 confirming a significant resurgence of wine tourism activity in the region. Despite many restrictions still in place for 2021, Rioja’s winery counted 460,137 visits, an increase of 103.5% compared to 2020.


Rioja wine tourism


Fernando Ezquerro, the Chairman of the Control Board announcing that: “We are committed to establishing Rioja as an international standard wine tourism destination, developing and improving the existing services. In addition, the development and promotion of wine tourism activities are one of our key points of strategic planning, which we set a target of over 1.2 million visits in 2025. In addition, we hope to have 250 wineries are able to offer wine tourism services by that time”.