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The Heart of Harvest Ep.4 The Consejo

The Heart of Harvest


The DOCa Rioja brings its harvest closer to international consumers and enthusiasts with the launch of the first docuseries on this subject broadcast in real time.


The docuseries The Heart of Harvest will feature five episodes, each dedicated to the key figures that make the harvest possible: the winegrower (The Grower), the harvester/gatherer (The Picker), the winemaker (The Maker) and the Regulatory Council from the DOCa Rioja (The Council); the final episode will focus on the celebration of the harvest festival (The Celebration).



In Rioja, winemaking is done to the highest standards and it’s the Consejo who runs an efficient system to meet those demands. In this episode, we get to know the duties of the Consejo as they speak about the intricate process, quality and authenticity it takes to be a true Rioja wine.


The fourth episode, “The Consejo”, just released and available in China through IQIYI:http://www.iqiyi.com/v_1i9mo0bdgv4.html


The Heart of Harvest Ep.4 The Consejo