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2022 Rioja Autumn Fantástico in Hangzhou

On December 10,  Rioja Autumn Fantástico debuts in Hangzhou! 


2022 Rioja Autumn Fantástico in Hangzhou


In this grand event, a large number of Rioja wines and Spanish tapas specialties attracted a large number of food and wine lovers. As before, many famous wineries from Rioja and Hangzhou restaurant chefs presented a wonderful wine and food feast to the guests.


2022 Rioja Autumn Fantástico Hangzhou


In addition to the lively and unique flamenco dance, the organizers also planned a special Rioja souvenir prize.


Fifteen wineries and over 100 Rioja wines were available for sale by the glass. The guests met and enjoyed the food and Rioja wines with high praise.



The wine by the glass offer gave guests the opportunity to try high-priced wines that were only available in full bottles at a lower price, which allowed for a deeper experience of Rioja’s excellent quality and variety of styles.



The whole event was filled with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and the Rioja Autumn Fantástico not only gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy Rioja wines, but also to get to know more about the Rioja region and Rioja wines.