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A Big Gathering of Rioja Wine Bars in This Spring

Rioja wine bars brought various activities and surprises in 2021, the Rioja wine bar food and wine pairing competition has attracted a lot of wine lovers and foodies. Master Sommelier LV Yang paid special attention to the Rioja wine bar as well.


Rioja Wine Bars Gathering


On a sunny spring day in March of 2022, the Rioja Bar welcomes a big gathering! Many bars in five first-tier cities have joined forces to invite you to have a passionate collision with the charming Rioja wine!


Rioja Wine Bars Event


During this gathering, each Rioja bar and restaurant has prepared a special plan for Rioja wine lovers. Welfare activities such as selling Rioja wine by glass, complimentary snacks, and special gifts are ready!


Rioja Wine Bars


At the same time, there are 5 specially invited experience officers from the five cities will continue to go deep into these wine bars to bring their amazing experiences with you!