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Let’s get high! Fantastico!

April 21st 2018,  Rioja Fantastico will come to Shanghai again for celebrating the spring.  This event is held by D.O.Ca Rioja China Agency and La Maison restaurant.



Fantastico in Spanish means amazing. A fan of Spain probably knows their amazing football, ham and  flamengo. You don’t know that Rioja wine in Spain is also amazing.  Rioja is the qualified designation of origin in Spain and is famous as the high quality wine. It has the most rigorous wine quality control system. The different Rioja wine categories are based on minimum ageing periods, which can vary between 1 and 3 years in casks and between 6 months and 6 years in the bottle, depending on whether the wine is to be a Crianza, a Reserva or a Gran Reserva. We can say quality is the representative of Rioja.



Logroño,  the capital city of Rioja has the most  famous tapas street called Calle Laurel – a small walking street full of variety tapas bars which all have their own signature tapas. People order a tapa and a glass of Rioja wine from one bar and then the next bar, from the beginning of the street until the end.



Now you don’t need to buy flight tickets to fly to Spain to enjoy the fantastic tapas and Rioja wine. Rioja China Agency will bring 40 kinds of wine from 7 Rioja wineries and pair with creative tapas from 8 chefs organized by La Maison restaurant. You can enjoy Rioja wine with tapas in Shanghai!



We will wait for you on April 21st  12:00-20:00 at 21 Jinxian Rd La Maison Restaurant. Not only Rioja wine and tapas, but also flamengo show and Rioja mini wine class for you. Can’t wait to see you! Fantastico!