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Rioja Ambassadors Are In Action

Since the announcement of the list of Rioja ambassadors in April, the selected Rioja ambassadors have started different activities for Rioja promotion!



The Rioja ambassadors are promoting Rioja through various ways: they are sharing their articles on Rioja WeChat through their own perspectives and stories to spread the knowledge of Rioja.


Rioja ambassadors in action


At the same time, the Ambassadors has attracted many wine lovers through a variety of online and offline activities and make it possible for people to know and familiar with Rioja. Offline tasting sessions and online live streaming are well received by wine lovers. At the same time, the ambassadors have also started to prepare various promotion activities in the second half of the year. Promotions such as podcasts, comparison tasting sessions, food and Rioja wine pairings will heat everyone!


Rioja ambassadors promotion for Rioja


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