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Rioja Online Education Receives Great Response

The Rioja Online Education was officially started at the end of 2021, and the popularity continues to heat up.


On February 25, David Xing (Xing Wei), the Certified Educator of Rioja, brought a wonderful live streaming, which received enthusiastic feedback from a large number of wine lovers.



As one of the earliest WSET Diploma owners in China, David Xing is currently a Masters of Wine candidate. At the same time, he is devoting himself to spreading wine knowledge through his personal Ticktock account and WeChat video channel and has gained a lot of attention and followers.


This Rioja Online Education live streaming was simultaneously on the Ticktock account and WeChat video channel. There were also multiple WeChat groups to provide pre-class guidance, questions and answers, and exam tutoring for the audiences who participated in this Rioja Online Education. David Xing provided his Rioja exclusive learning materials for the first time.



The Rioja Online Education attracted more and more wine lovers and industry insiders, people have shown their concern and enthusiasm for Rioja online courses and education. Rioja will continue to carry out related education activities and promotions in the future.