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Rioja Rosé is a huge success

The diversity and quality of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin are once again evident, this time through its rosé wines, which have obtained the best awards in “The Rosé Report 2023”, a report published by Club Oenologique, the famous publication specializing in wine and lifestyle, which belongs to the “International Wine and Spirit Competition” (IWSC) group.Report 2023“, a report published by Club Oenologique, the famous publication specializing in wine and lifestyle, which belongs to the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and is aimed at wine lovers and experts.





– Rioja has eight wines at the top of Master of Wine Elisabeth Gabay’s list.


– Rioja’s rosés took the top two spots on the list: Hacienda López de Haro’s Classica Gran Reserva Rosado 2012 and Bodegas Tobía’s Alma Tobía Único 2020 were ranked first and second, respectively.


– Six Rioja rosés also made it into the top 25 of the list, making Rioja the wine region with the most wines in the top 25.


– Rioja is the Spanish region with the highest number of wines in the complete ranking of 224 wines, and the third largest in the world.





The perfect balance between diversity and quality of Rioja rosés, as well as the wise integration between tradition and modernity of the DOCa have been differential aspects for the Master of Wine Elisabeth Gabay, in charge of the elaboration of ‘The Rosé Report 2023′:“Rioja rosés are a revelation. From a wide variety of terroirs and altitudes, you can find wines ranging from the most traditional to the most modern and innovative. Few regions, if any, combine such fascinating diversity and treat rosé wine with such seriousness and respect, at the level of a Gran Reserva and Reserva, thus creating a new dimension,” she



The 20 Rioja rosés at the top of the international ranking:

1            Classica Gran Reserva Rosado  2012  (Hacienda López De Haro)

2            Alma Rosado Único 2020  (Bodegas Tobía)

7            Gran Reserva Rosado 2016  (Bodega Akutain)

12          Rioja Rosado 2017  (Finca Allende)

15          Rioja Rosado 2019  (Ripa)

20          1890 Manzanos Rosé  (Bodegas Manzanos)

21          Tierra de Mármol 2022  (Bodegas Tierra)

23          Ondipuerko 2021  (Bodegas Vinícola Real)

58          Livius Rosado Fermentado en Barrica  2018  (Bodegas Alvia)

60          Flor de Muga  2022 (Bodegas Muga)

61          200 Monges Rosado Reserva 2017  (Bodegas Vinícola Real)

111         Baigorri Rosado 2022  (Bodegas Baigorri )

146        Contino Rosado 020  (Viñedos Del Contino )

151        Abando Rosado 2021  (Bodega Santalba)

152        La Mateo Colección de Familia La Rosé  2022 (Bodegas D. Mateos)

193        Panorámico  Rosado  2021  (Panorámico)

198        Finca Lalinde Lalomba Rosé 2021  (Ramón Bilbao)

202        Rosado Sierra Cantabria  2022 (Bodegas Sierra Cantabria)

208        Alegra de Beronia Rosé  2022 (Bodegas Beronia)

221        XR 2022  (Marqués de Riscal )