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Rioja Trade Forum & Gala Dinner brought year 2022 to a successful close


The 2022 Rioja Forum and Gala Dinner was successfully held in Shanghai on December 14, 2022. More than 170 Rioja wine merchant representatives, certified Rioja Educators, media, Rioja ambassadors and many other professionals from all over the country gathered together in Shanghai to witness the achievements Rioja has made in the past year.


The representative of Rioja released a series of latest data, showing the recent gains and achievements of Rioja in China and even the global market. Later, five wine industry heavyweights were invited to share their valuable experience in the Chinese market.



After nightfall, there was even more excitement at the Gala dinner, where Rioja presented official certification awards to distributors in Greater China. The 12 distributors won BEST RIOJA DISTRIBUTOR, BEST RIOJA OFF TRADE DISTRIBUTOR, BEST RIOJA ON TRADE DISTRIBUTOR and BEST RIOJA RETAILER awards.


With the successful completion of Rioja Trade Forum and Gala Dinner, this brought year 2022 to a successful close. Rioja will continue to serve as a solid foundation for Chinese wine merchants to provide more support and assistance to the Chinese market in the coming year. Look forward to seeing Rioja again in 2023 with more exciting promotions and lively activities.