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Rioja White Wine Is Showing The Great Potential

According to the article of The Drinks Business, White Rioja wines will start to “sit side by side” with white Burgundy in tastings, restaurants, auctions and wine investment portfolios.



The lion’s share of column inches when it comes to the Spanish wine region tends to be focused on Rioja’s reds. But inside the wine trade, parallels are increasingly being drawn between Rioja’s top white wines and premium whites from Burgundy.



The growing similarities between the two are largely due to a rising trend for longer barrel ageing in Rioja whites, and the creamy, nutty, oak-influenced flavours that both styles share.


Top white Riojas are complex, fresh, have amazing ageing capacity and come from old vineyards. “They also tend to be limited, as they are produced from local varieties such as Tempranillo Blanco or Maturana Blanca that can’t be found in many other places.



It could be the start of a long journey for white Riojas in fine wine, but Rioja white wine is showing the great potential.