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The Heart of Harvest Ep.2 The Picker


The DOCa Rioja brings its harvest closer to international consumers and enthusiasts with the launch of the first docuseries on this subject broadcast in real time.


The docuseries The Heart of Harvest will feature five episodes, each dedicated to the key figures that make the harvest possible: the winegrower (The Grower), the harvester/gatherer (The Picker), the winemaker (The Maker) and the Regulatory Council from the DOCa Rioja (The Council); the final episode will focus on the celebration of the harvest festival (The Celebration).



How to choose the best harvest time? What harvest decisions do different wineries make? What are the emergencies at the critical time of harvesting?


Welcome to the second episode of The Heart of Harvest to learn the story behind grape harvesting…


The second episode, “The Picker”, just released and available in China through Rioja WeChat Channel, Scan QR code to watch:


Also available on IQIYI:http://www.iqiyi.com/v_1lxj3r4j50g.html


Follow us as we explore a day at harvest time, learn about the ups and downs of the season and what it means to wineries and farmers.