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The positive and undoubtedly most hopeful aspect of the day has been the ratification of the qualification as ‘EXCELLENT’ of the 2019 vintage, a milestone that has not occurred since 2011.


This decision is the conclusion of a rigorous and transparent valuation procedure consisting of the analysis and tasting of all the wines made in the Denomination. After a vegetative cycle with optimal grape maturation, in recent months extraordinary results have been observed in the evaluation of fermentation tanks, from which the Council’s technicians have collected more than 4,500 samples, which have subsequently been tasted by a panel of 150 professionals.


Pablo Franco, director of the Control Board of the Regulatory Council, made a summary of the 2019 vintage, referring to the excellent health and vegetative situation of the vineyard and the state of the bunches, loose, well aerated and accompanied by the moderate vigour of the plants. In Franco’s words “the year was marked by the stability in the evolution of the vineyard, not without certain very local incidents produced by meteorological phenomena of little significance at a general level”.


Regarding the resulting wines, the director of the Council’s Control Board highlighted their quality, underlining the extraordinary maturation in tannin: “a round and very silky tannin that has marked red wines since their production, which is very pleasantly surprising for manifest. Also, it is worth highlighting the consolidation of lighter tones in the colour of rosé wines, with a predominant aromatic expression towards more floral notes. White wines are very expressive, highlighting their great volume in the mouth, in line with that seen in reds. The commitment to indigenous varieties and the great evolution of the quality of their elaborations are also highlighted. “